D Project

West Coast Energy


Design Bay Area


Arts & Culture


Brand Identity

Our solution was to channel the optimism, warmth and openness of the Bay Area. We developed the concept of ‘West Coast Energy’ which is represented in a timeless, dynamic new symbol — Reminiscent of a spark, or sun, the symbol shines back from the West Coast.


The flat, vertical left hand side of the logo represents the Pacific, while each ray points to each of the 9 unique counties which make up the Bay Area. The symbol also creates a large letter ‘D’ for Design.


The color palette represents the ‘Golden Hour’ — a unique light that hits the Bay Area and California at the end of each day as the sun sets in the West, featuring ‘International Orange’ — the color of the Golden Gate Bridge.


The typography is also unique to the region, designed by Lucas Sharp of Sharp Type based in the Bay Area.